I Wonder Wednesday…What are your Top 10 Outdoor Activities? (Featuring Abandoned Home!)

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Thanks for joining me for the 3rd ‘Fascinating Friday!’ Last time I shared with you the goals that I have for my life! If you missed last weeks, you can view it HERE! This week I want to share with you my top 10 outdoor activities! I live in the country in Southwestern Ontario, and love doing things outdoors!

Here we go…🚀


#1 Hockey 🏒

hockey1.jpgWell, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you…I am after all…CANADIAN!!

hockey2.jpgI really enjoy playing hockey on our driveway with my brothers!

hockey3.jpgI also love playing pond hockey when I have the chance!


#2 Volleyball 🏐

volley1.jpgAnother sport I love is Volleyball! I generally just do it with my family at home.


#3 Going to the Forest!

for1.jpgGoing to the forest is so much fun! I love exploring with my brothers!

fort.jpgWe have a lot of fun and love building forts!

#4 Exploring the Abandoned House! 🏠

Abandoned House (1).JPGThere is an awesome abandoned and burnt down house not too far from my home!

Abandoned House (2).JPGIt is kind of spooky, but at the same time cool!

Abandoned House (4) (House Interior).JPGI love that shot! You can still see where the fireplace was.

Abandoned House (5) (House Exterior).JPGNotice the charred, black walls?

Abandoned House (5) (Well).JPGThere is a very, very DEEP well.

Abandoned House (19).JPGA look at what is left of the home.

Abandoned House (25).JPGThe place is very old and everything is falling apart.

Abandoned House (29).jpgLooks like something out of a movie…

Abandoned House (1) (Barn).JPGThe place was a farm, and there is a lot of old junk.

Abandoned House (10) (Barn).JPGThere is even an old barn!

Abandoned House (17) (Shed).JPGWhat is left of the shed!

Abandoned House (12).JPGIt is really such a cool place to visit!

Abandoned House (14) (Tricycle).JPGMy favourite picture!

#5 Rollerblading!

roller1.jpgRollerblading is so much fun! I often rollerblade to a nearby bridge over a creek! It is a great way to chill out. 😎

#6 Trampoline

tramp.jpgTrampoline is so much fun! I can do a front flip, but my goal is to learn a backflip this year!

#7 Biking 🚴‍♂️

bike.jpgBiking is one of my favourite activities! If you don’t have one, you really should get one! It is very enjoyable and a great exercise!

#8 Building Snow Forts! ❄️

fort2.jpgBuilding snow forts is big at my house, we love having competitions for who can make the bigger one!

#9 Swimming 🏊‍♂️

swim.jpgI love swimming, it is great exercise and a good way to cool off in the hot summer!

#10 Flying my Drone! ☁️


I got an awesome drone for my birthday and love taking aerial shots with the camera!

Buy this drone with an HD camera for only $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING worldwide and NO TAX!!!!!


Well, that is all for this week’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ I really hope that you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun making it for you! 🙂 Do you enjoy hockey, volleyball, going to the forest, exploring abandoned places, rollerblading, trampoline, biking, building snow forts, swimming, or photography?



Let me know what else you want to see in ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’

#1 What activity did you find most interesting?

#2 What is your favourite outdoor activity?

#3 Have you been to an abandoned place before?


Until Next Time,


26 thoughts on “I Wonder Wednesday…What are your Top 10 Outdoor Activities? (Featuring Abandoned Home!)

  1. Rebekah Leigh says:

    That abandoned house looks so cool! There’s a abandoned house close to where I live. The weird thing is that it was a family that just picked up and left and nobody has seen them since and nobody knows the reason they left. Their cars, furniture, it was all just left there. Haha I’ve never played hockey (I know I’m an awful Canadian) But when I have the change I do enjoy watching hockey. But my favorite outdoor activity is walking along a beach, I just love the ocean!! It just feels like you can look on it forever. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kungfunaomi says:

    Awesome! I haven’t explored abandoned houses, but at my old house there were mine shafts on the property, and if we hiked above to the BLM, there were more. There was one that had an old building with it from the 1960s. Most everything had fallen down and been taken away, but after a little bit of searching we found a smashed typewriter!
    I quit going up there because I had an incident with a cougar. Glad I had a can of pepper spray.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brad Benjamins says:

      Yeah! Woah….That is so cool! Wow, that is awesome! There is a bridge near my house over a creek, and under the bridge we found a VCR Television and a laptop! It was so cool. Oh, wow, that is crazy! Yeah, I’m sure you were!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Maddy says:

    I love going to abandoned places! They are so much fun to photograph. 😀 I also really like biking, swimming, and using a trampoline. I used to be a gymnast so it’s fun to get on one and flip around from time to time. XD

    Liked by 1 person

      • Maddy says:

        They are! Yes, I can do a backflip. I used to do them on the floor, but I only do them on a trampoline now. 😉 They really aren’t that hard! You just have to trust yourself and go for it. I used to do double backflips on the trampoline when I was like 11 but I think I’d break my neck if I tried that now. XD

        Liked by 1 person

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