The Program that changed Math from my worst subject to my favorite subject – Unlock Math

unlock2     Today I am going to talk to you about the online math program that has changed my schooling so much! If you didn’t already know, am home-schooled and proud of it! In earlier years, I really struggled with math. It would take me multiple hours every day, and I had a very hard time understanding and grasping the lessons I was taught. I constantly dreaded the subject. But, with Unlock Math, I am loving math!! I am thoroughly enjoying it and am going to list a few of the top reasons why.

#1. Easy Video Instruction.
Unlock math has made it very easy to learn a new concept. The program is done online, and each day I watch a new video and do my problems. The teacher explains each concept very well, and you can see her sort out and explain each problem.

#2. Chat your teacher!
Yes, you can chat your math teacher who you see in the videos! When I have a problem or do not understand something, I can chat my teacher online, and she is always very happy to help! Having this feature is huge for me.

#3. Program Layout
The program layout is fantastic! You start your day with 5 review problems on concepts you have learned, watch a new video teaching you a new concept, do 10 practice problems on what you have learned, do 10 review problems on what you have already learned in previous lessons, and then a challenge! Each day you get a new challenge question on what you have learned that day. You aren’t expected to get it every time, but when you do, they are bonus marks!! Here is an example of a lesson below!


#4. Reference notes
The program has reverence notes for each lesson so that you don’t have watch each lesson when you look back towards an old concept. There is a neatly layed out PDF version of each lesson, which makes reviewing an old lesson a breeze!!

#5 I am really learning!
I feel like I am really learning with this new math program. It is not an easier program for those who struggle with math, but they teach concepts soo well! I am doing some concepts that I could never understand from a book or another math program. They make every single concept fun and easy to learn!!

#6 Constant support
Unlock Math provides you with excellent support. No matter what question you may have about their program, you can call, email, or live chat them anytime! They are always so willing to help and are very professional in their service.


If you are struggling with math, find it a lot of work, or are just looking for something new, try Unlock Math! I truly cannot recommend a program soo highly!! I honestly can’t wait for each new lesson and now find math to be soo much fun! I wouldn’t get an average of 91% anywhere else!!


What kind of Math do you or have you done? Did you or are you enjoying it?

Are you homeschooled? If so, do you enjoy it?