I Wonder Wednesday… What Do You Love About Fall? 🍂🍃🌧️

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Hey, everyone! 🙂

Yes, it’s true! You are reading a new ‘I Wonder Wednesday’ post! I have missed these posts so much, and am very excited to share this new one with you!

I trust you’ve enjoyed your first 11 days of the Fall season, my favourite time of year! I love experiencing the cooler weather, change in colours, the wind, yes, the rain, fires, and so much more! I get to pull out the warmer clothing and enjoy cooler bike rides with amazing scenery! today I thought I would share what I love most about Fall. I’d love to hear what you love the most about Fall as well!




#1 – Flannel Shirts

flannel.jpg Yes, an essential for the Fall season. So glad I can enjoy these again! 👕


#2 – Fall Colours!

ghh.pngFall would not be Fall without the stunning display of colours around us! 🍂


#3 – Wind

iii.jpgMhm… Walking outside to have a gush of cool wind hit your face! That’s Fall.


#4 – Rain

rainn.jpgYes, I’m serious! After a long hot Summer, you appreciate rain. It makes being indoors so cozy, too.


#5 – Thanksgiving

wed.jpgThis Thanksgiving is especially important to me as my sister gets married! 🦃💒


#6 – Fires

fire.jpgWhether indoor or outdoor, fires are an amazing part of Fall! 🔥


#7 – Going To The Forest

forestt.jpgOK, we all know that Fall is the ultimate time to go to the forest. Fewer bugs, more beauty, and the crunch of leaves under your feet. 🌳

#8 – Pumpkin Carving

Halloween-funny-minions-2110-29.jpgNo, we don’t celebrate Halloween, but we still enjoy carving creative pumpkins as a family. 🎃


#9 – Warm Drinks

warmdrinks.jpgYes, the season where you can start having warm drinks again. Cappuccino’s, Hot Chocolate, Tea, you name it. ☕


Well, there are 9 things that I love about the Fall season! I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you could relate to it in some way. I’d also love to hear some questions from you that I can answer in future ‘I Wonder Wednesday’ posts. Thanks so much for taking the time to read! 🙂

I’d love to hear from you if you have the time! 😃💬





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I Wonder Wednesday… What is Your Ultimate Dream Home?

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Hey, everyone! 😃

Thank you for taking the time to join me for today’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ Today’s post is about some of my favourite ideas for my ultimate dream home! I have wanted to do this post for a long time, and have seen other bloggers do posts like this. I really hope you enjoy some of my ideas for my dream home!

A short description would be a luxury log home on the lake with an indoor pool. But, we will look at this in more detail! Here are 20 photos that I think make an awesome dream home! 🏠



log3.jpgI love this classic log cabin. It is a great setup for a lakefront retreat as well!

log4.jpgI have one word to describe this beauty: MAJESTIC. That is another true log home. 😊

log17.jpgThis picture is awesome! I love the woven branches and that outdoor fireplace! This makes an epic boathouse!

log8.jpgImagine having a pool like that! I would love to swim to the edge and look down below!

log9.jpgThat waterslide is SO epic! Could you imagine that in your backyard?

log5.jpgNo retreat is complete without a spa like this!

log7.jpgOr a waterpark like that. Isn’t that an awesome backyard retreat? The tennis court is a great bonus, too.

log18.jpgLife on a peaceful and beautiful lake. I think it is better than living on the ocean. It’s more private and secluded!



silvercreek-livingThis makes such a cozy living room. I love the fireplace right in the middle.

log16.jpgThat is a such a beautiful home. The logs are amazing!

log15.jpgThe chandelier and the stairs…A WORK OF ART.


log19.jpgWho wouldn’t want a candy wall like that?

log14.jpgYes, this is actually a private in-home tropical pool area!!

dream1Isn’t this the most epic pool? I love how this room is two-story as well.

dream2Picture-perfect waterfall.

dream3Imagine that treehouse in your own home? The perfect place to relax and read a book.

log6.jpgThis spa is also beautiful.

log10.jpgFriday night bowling…in your own home!!

log2.jpgI’m not too particular about the kitchen, but this one is beautiful!

log11.jpgAnd… a mini aquarium in my bedroom!


There are 20 pictures that I think could make an ultimate dream home! I hope you enjoyed them! There are a lot of ideas that I have, but I didn’t want to make a super long post about it. And, I couldn’t have near all of these in my dream home, but perhaps some of them! 😊

Thanks for reading, and if you have a minute, drop a comment! I would love to hear from you!





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I Wonder Wednesday… How Do You Relax?

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Hey, everyone!

I hope all of you are having a great day! Thank you for stopping by for today’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ This post was a lot of fun, I really hope that you enjoy it. Today, I am answering the question, “How Do You Relax?’ I am answering this question with 5 things that I do to relax. Hopefully, you find these helpful!


5 things I do to Relax! 🙂


iwonder1.jpgThis is one of my favourite things to do after a long day. Adventures in Odyssey‘s award-winning audio dramas teach lasting truths and bring biblical principles to life, with just the right balance of fun, faith and imagination. If you haven’t heard any of these episodes before, you can listen to some free ones HERE!


iwonder2.jpgThis is a really great way to relax! After a long day of school or work, just chill in a hammock! You can read a book, listen to music, or just…..sleep. If you don’t have a hammock, they are incredibly cheap! ONLY $9.99!!! On the other hand, if you don’t have $9.99, you can make your own awesome blanket hammock for free! 🙂


iwonder5.jpgBiking is actually quite relaxing. You may see it as a lot of work, but unless you are climbing hills, it is a great way to chill. 😉 You can also rollerblade, or just take a walk. It is especially great if you live in the open country and can enjoy lots of scenery!


iwonder4.jpgYes, this is a popular thing to do if someone wants to relax. If you have the time, watching a movie or documentary is very relaxing, a lot of fun. I find documentaries and investigations very interesting, but I enjoy movies every so often as well.


iwonder3.jpgOook, this one I do ALL THE TIME! I love music, and find listening to it very relaxing! It ties in with biking and chilling in a hammock because listening to music is a great thing to do with those activities.

Did you like these ways to relax? I find myself wanting to do these things throughout the week, but generally only get to do them on the weekend because I am so busy. :/ Relaxing is very important, though when you have a busy schedule or a lot going on in your life. Taking the 1/2 hour to just relax is totally worth it! 🙂

BTW, I would love to receive questions from you for ‘I Wonder Wednesday’ for future issues! I want to answer the questions you have for me so that you can get to know me better! You can ask your questions in the comments below or through my contact page. Then I can answer them in upcoming posts! Thank you!





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I Wonder Wednesday… What Are 6 Things You Are Thankful For? + 6 Shocking Facts!

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Hey everyone! 😃

Today I hope to share with you 6 things that I am thankful for, and 6 facts that will show you why we should be so thankful for what we have! There are SO many things that we can easily take for granted and that we have no idea people are living without! Be ready for some pretty shocking facts that will blow your mind!

I hope you enjoy today’s post!



FACT – 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. 

WOW! Isn’t that shocking? It makes me realize how blessed I am to have SO much food! I had no idea that many people did not have enough food!



FACTIt is estimated that 150 million people, or about 2 percent of the world’s population, are homeless. However, about 1.6 billion, more than 20 percent of the world’s population, may lack adequate housing.

This is so shocking! I realize that I am among some of the most wealthy people in the world because I have adequate housing! It is incredible that 150 million people are homeless!



FACTAs of 2010, 1.2 billion people were still living without electricity!

Electricity is something that is SO easily taken for granted! When the power goes out at my house, it is so frustrating but makes me realize how much we depend on it and how thankful I should be for it!



FACT – 58 Million Children Around the World Don’t Have Access to Education

This is another thing that I had no idea about! We can so often complain about our schoolwork, but, WOW, I need to be thankful for it! So many people don’t have the opportunity that I have.



FACT – 400 Million People Lack Basic Health Services.

WOW! Another shocking number! Healthcare I find is SO easy to take for granted. Having treatments for cancer, diseases, and injuries we are so used to have, but many people live without having this luxury.



FACT4 Billion People Are Still Without Internet!

WOAHHH – That is crazy! This useful tool I so easily take for granted! Just think, 4 Billion People don’t have the chance to blog! Even blogging is so easily taken for granted.


Wow! I have a lot to be thankful for! I could go on for a long time, I am blessed with so much! Many of the luxuries we experience are unavailable to much of the world population. We should remember to thank God for all of the blessings we enjoy and have access to!

Thank you for reading, and if you have the time, please comment!







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I Wonder Wednesday…Where Do You Hope to Travel this Year?

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Hello everyone! 😃

Welcome to ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ Wow, it has been quite a while since I have gotten to do one of these posts, and I have missed them! I am super excited to get back into these posts. Today, we are answering the question…

Where Do You Hope To Travel This Year?


Well, I have 2 planned vacations, and am SUPER excited!

The first vacation is in June! I hope to go to a lakefront cottage in Northern Ontario!

cot2.jpgThe exterior of the cottage!

cot1.jpgThe kitchen.

cot4The living room!

cot3.jpg                                                       The hot tub!


Last, but not least…The Lake!


And the second vacation…



I am so excited! This vacation is going to be in July! I know it’s crazy, having two vacations so close to each other. I am just going with my brother on this vacation, though. We will be visiting our cousins who live there.

flor5.jpgAnd it will be my first time flying!

flor4.jpegI hope to spend lots of time at the beach!

flor2And go surfing for the first time!

flor3.jpgAnd go fishing!


I am Super pumped for both these vacations! FYI – this will result in a hiatus in June as well as July. I will not be posting, and probably not commenting on posts either as I just hope to chill on vacation. I hope Y’All understand. 😉

I will post about EACH vacation! There should be some very exciting posts, and hope they are worth the hiatus’s that I will have to take.






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My Attempt At Spring Photography and ‘I Wonder Wednesday’ Discussion

My Attempt at Spring Photography and 'I Wonder Wednesday' Discussion.jpg

Hey everyone! 😃

I hope that you’re having an awesome Wednesday! I am really excited about today’s post! I want to show you some of my Spring photography. I don’t know about you, but Spring for me has taken a long time to come! We had an ice storm in April! Yeah, it is like that sometimes. It is unpredictable here in Canada 😉 Anyway, Spring has finally broken through with warm weather and lots of colour and life coming back once again! I am no photographer but thought I would try taking a few pics around my property of some of the signs of Spring. All of you experienced photographers can laugh at me and my crazy attempts at photography with my cheap camera. 😂😂 Then I want to talk to you about the future of ‘I Wonder Wednesday,’ so PLEASE READ THAT PART. I want your opinions!


Here are some pictures! ~

DSCN0858.JPGThis maple tree is getting buds already!

DSCN0859.JPGClose up shot of a bud.

DSCN0860.JPGLooking upwards!


DSCN0863.JPGGrass is probably the most obvious part of Spring! 😉

DSCN0865.JPGMore tree buds!!

DSCN0866.JPGLooking out over the fields.


DSCN0873.JPGSoon our yard will be COVERED WITH THESE!!

DSCN0875.JPGMini pinecones!

DSCN0876.JPGPurple flowers!

DSCN0892.JPGSunset over the field.












I Wonder Wednesday… How Well Do You Know Me? Part 3

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Hello, everyone! 😃

I hope Y’all are having an awesome day! Thanks for taking the time to join me for another ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ The last two weeks I gave you two quizzes testing how well you know me! If you haven’t yet had a chance to view those posts, you can view them both HERE and HERE. You all seemed to really enjoy them, so I decided to make a third one for you!

Special congrats to Arabella and Maddy who placed 1st! Great job! 👍






Thank you, everyone, for taking the quiz! I hope all of you really enjoyed it! 😃


Are you ready for 10 more random questions about me? Quiz 3 is here! Just click on the button below, type your name, and click ‘take quiz.’ Hope Y’all enjoy!












I Wonder Wednesday… How Well Do You Know Me? Part 2

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😃

I am very excited for this week’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ Last week we had a lot of fun doing a quiz online featuring 10 random questions about me! If you missed last week’s post, you can view it HERE!

Before I move on to the second quiz, I would like to thank everyone for taking the quiz! I was really happy to see so many people take it, and Y’all seemed to have a lot of fun! Here are the people that made First and Second place on last week’s quiz! Congratulations to Lizzy, Anon, Isabel, and Gracie!

award1.jpg award2.jpg









          70%                                                          60%


lizzy2.gif                                                 isabel.gif

anon.gif                                           gracie2.gif


Thank you, everyone, for taking the quiz, I hope you all enjoyed it!


Well, now for the second quiz! Here are 10 more random questions about me! Like the last one, just type your name and click ‘take quiz.’ You can view the results of others who took the quiz when you are done taking it. Click on the button below to take the quiz!



Have fun, everyone! 😃 


Did you take the quiz?

Did you enjoy it?

Do you want a third round?


Until Next Time,



I Wonder Wednesday… How Well Do You Know Me? Part 1

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I thought I would do something a little different this time! Instead of just telling you things about me, I thought I would make it a little more fun with you guessing some things about me! You may have heard of Quiz Your Friends, a popular way of seeing how well others know you! I created 10 random questions about myself for you to answer! You’re not expected to do really good as many of you don’t know me very well, this is really just for fun!! Just type your name and click, ‘Take Quiz!’

Once the quiz is taken, you can view the results from others who took the quiz! It is a lot of fun! Click on the image below to take the quiz! Hope you enjoy!! 😃



I hope that you chose to take the quiz and had a lot of fun! Come back next Wednesday for Part 2 featuring 10 more random questions about me!

Have an awesome day! 😃


Until Next Time,




I Wonder Wednesday…What are your Top 10 Outdoor Activities? (Featuring Abandoned Home!)

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Thanks for joining me for the 3rd ‘Fascinating Friday!’ Last time I shared with you the goals that I have for my life! If you missed last weeks, you can view it HERE! This week I want to share with you my top 10 outdoor activities! I live in the country in Southwestern Ontario, and love doing things outdoors!

Here we go…🚀


#1 Hockey 🏒

hockey1.jpgWell, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you…I am after all…CANADIAN!!

hockey2.jpgI really enjoy playing hockey on our driveway with my brothers!

hockey3.jpgI also love playing pond hockey when I have the chance!


#2 Volleyball 🏐

volley1.jpgAnother sport I love is Volleyball! I generally just do it with my family at home.


#3 Going to the Forest!

for1.jpgGoing to the forest is so much fun! I love exploring with my brothers!

fort.jpgWe have a lot of fun and love building forts!

#4 Exploring the Abandoned House! 🏠

Abandoned House (1).JPGThere is an awesome abandoned and burnt down house not too far from my home!

Abandoned House (2).JPGIt is kind of spooky, but at the same time cool!

Abandoned House (4) (House Interior).JPGI love that shot! You can still see where the fireplace was.

Abandoned House (5) (House Exterior).JPGNotice the charred, black walls?

Abandoned House (5) (Well).JPGThere is a very, very DEEP well.

Abandoned House (19).JPGA look at what is left of the home.

Abandoned House (25).JPGThe place is very old and everything is falling apart.

Abandoned House (29).jpgLooks like something out of a movie…

Abandoned House (1) (Barn).JPGThe place was a farm, and there is a lot of old junk.

Abandoned House (10) (Barn).JPGThere is even an old barn!

Abandoned House (17) (Shed).JPGWhat is left of the shed!

Abandoned House (12).JPGIt is really such a cool place to visit!

Abandoned House (14) (Tricycle).JPGMy favourite picture!

#5 Rollerblading!

roller1.jpgRollerblading is so much fun! I often rollerblade to a nearby bridge over a creek! It is a great way to chill out. 😎

#6 Trampoline

tramp.jpgTrampoline is so much fun! I can do a front flip, but my goal is to learn a backflip this year!

#7 Biking 🚴‍♂️

bike.jpgBiking is one of my favourite activities! If you don’t have one, you really should get one! It is very enjoyable and a great exercise!

#8 Building Snow Forts! ❄️

fort2.jpgBuilding snow forts is big at my house, we love having competitions for who can make the bigger one!

#9 Swimming 🏊‍♂️

swim.jpgI love swimming, it is great exercise and a good way to cool off in the hot summer!

#10 Flying my Drone! ☁️


I got an awesome drone for my birthday and love taking aerial shots with the camera!

Buy this drone with an HD camera for only $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING worldwide and NO TAX!!!!!


Well, that is all for this week’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ I really hope that you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun making it for you! 🙂 Do you enjoy hockey, volleyball, going to the forest, exploring abandoned places, rollerblading, trampoline, biking, building snow forts, swimming, or photography?



Let me know what else you want to see in ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’

#1 What activity did you find most interesting?

#2 What is your favourite outdoor activity?

#3 Have you been to an abandoned place before?


Until Next Time,