I Wonder Wednesday…What goals do you have for Your Life?

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Thank you for joining me again for another ‘I Wonder Wednesday.’ Last week we talked about the places that I have travelled in my life! It was very fun, and you all seemed to enjoy it! I created ‘I Wonder Wednesday’ so that you could get to know me better. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see last week’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday,’ you can view it HERE.


Here is “I Wonder Wednesday” for March 28th! –


I Wonder… What goals do you have for your life?

That is a big question, but thankfully, I HAVE AN ANSWER.


#1 Move to North Bay, ON

northbay1North Bay is a city in Northern Ontario, about 4 hours away from where I live now. I choose North Bay as my future hometown because it is a great place for me to start my Real Estate career and I have the chance to live on the lake! Northern Ontario is also very beautiful, with large rocks and trees, as well as gorgeous fall colours!

northbay3.jpgGreat shot looking over the lake! 📸

northbay2Sunset over Lake Nipissing

fallFall colours! SO beautiful.

northbay4.jpgDon’t you want to move to Northern Ontario? 😉


#2 Start my Real Estate Career!

realestateI have been planning my Real Estate career for many years now, and can hardly wait to get started!

remax.jpgI want to work for Remax Legend Real Estate in North Bay!

waterfront.pngI have always wanted to sell waterfront properties!! I have the chance to do this in North Bay!

I want to do Real Estate due to my love for houses and because I want to help and interact with the people that I work with. Real Estate is a career that is fun, engaging, and a job that you can plan your own schedule for! Real Estate is truly my dream job! 😊


#3 Build my Dream home!

yujh.jpgI want it to be a true log home!!

silvercreek-living.jpgI hope to build it on the lake in North Bay!

dream1I want to build this, If I ever get the money. Check out the waterslide, and the indoor treehouse!

dream2I love the waterfall off of the rocks! Perfect 👌

dream3Check out the treehouse! My kids are gonna love me. 😉


Well, that’s a quick run-off of some of the goals I have for my life! I have chosen North Bay as my hometown and Real Estate as my career for some time now! It is nice to know what I want to do with my life so that I can research and prepare for my future.

The dream home isn’t a solid plan, but simply a goal I am working towards! 😃

I hope that you enjoyed today’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ Stop by again next week for some more facts about me and my life!

What are some plans for your life? 📋

Where do you want to live? 🏙️

What is your dream job? 👨‍💻

What is your dream home like? 🏠


Until Next Time,


38 thoughts on “I Wonder Wednesday…What goals do you have for Your Life?

  1. Gracie Marchiani says:

    Awesome post, Brad! I can’t get over those beautiful fall colors!!

    Well…God has a plan for my life, and it may be different than my plans. But He knows what is best for me 😉 ❤

    I'd really like to keep living in CO because I love the mountains and nature here. Plus all my family lives here! ❤

    Wife, homeschooling mom, photographer, and blogger! And to work at Chick-Fil-A 😉

    Farmhouse, basically…you have seen my post 😉


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    • Brad Benjamins says:

      Thanks! Yes, they are beautiful!!
      Great answers to all of the questions! Most people don’t have a particular plan that they have for their life, I am kind of unusual that way. 😉 You are right, God has a plan for your life! Yes, Colorado does seem like a really cool place, especially with the mountains! It makes sense to stay near your family. I was looking at moving to Florida, as my cousins live there, but decided that it is too far away. I don’t mind moving 4 hours away as I would still be able to visit my family a fair bit, but I wouldn’t want to move to a different Province or Country. Great dream jobs, they are all awesome! And I loved your dream home ideas, they are all really cool too!!
      Thanks for your comment! 😃

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  2. Lizzy says:

    Great post, Brad! Ahh..I love those views! You’re right! That tree house was super cool!

    What Is Your Plan For Life?
    God’s plan! I’m not entirely sure yet! I know He has wonderful plans for my life! 😊

    Where Do You Want to Live?
    Probably South Carolina or Virginia! I want to live close to my family or friends!

    What Is Your Dream Job?
    Wife, homeschooling mommy, blogger, author, possibly journalist, and possibly a family vlogging channel on YouTube!

    What Us Your Dream Home Like?
    I’m gonna do a post on that soon! 🎉

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    • Brad Benjamins says:

      Thanks! Ha, yes, they are pretty awesome! Thanks, I think so too!
      I loved all of your answers! Like I said to Gracie, it is unusual for someone to know what they want to do with their life at my age, but you are right! God has a special plan for you. 😃
      South Carolina and Virginia are both super cool! Those are great places to live.
      Great dream jobs, I can’t wait to see the post on your dream home!!
      Thanks for your comment, Lizzy!

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  3. Arabella says:

    ❤ I loved your post! I would love to visit Ontario, but I probably want to live in the USA.
    What are some plans for your life? 📋 I want to have kids and start a family and career!
    Where do you want to live? 🏙️ I want to live in Massachusetts, USA or Rhode Island, USA. I also might want to live in France for a year or two before I have kids, plus I am learning French!
    What is your dream job? 👨‍💻 I want to be (sorry if this is long haha): anthropologist, mom, blogger, or photographer! Maybe writer too 😀
    What is your dream home like? 🏠 I did a post on that here: https://arabellaandmore.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/my-dream-home/

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  4. Rebekah Leigh says:

    Those are wonderful goals! Northern Ontario is so pretty! But BC is gorgeous! *cough*thebestprovince*cough* 😀
    I have some plans for my life, such as become a photography and save up to go to a bible school in London, but if I feel like God is calling me for something else then I’ll try my best to listen to him.
    I don’t think I’d move unless something pulled me away from home. I’ve moved around to much in my life so I wouldn’t want to move anywhere else. I do like Alberta though for some weird reason xD.
    Dreamhouse…A giant library in the house with farmland would be awesome!

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  5. Maggie says:

    You have such great goals, Brad!! North Bay is absolutely beautiful – this is my first time hearing about the city, and now it’s on my list of places to go, haha! 😉 Your dream home looks fantastic, too.

    To answer your questions, I’d love to fully learn Spanish, travel the world (especially around the US, and to Guatemala, too!), and get married and have a beautiful family. I’d be happy to continue living in Georgia, but I’m up for wherever the Lord would have me! My dream job would be something with writing, linguistics, animals, or children – all things I love so much! Lastly, the one thing I’d want to have in my dream home is a window seat in my bedroom for reading!

    Sorry this comment is so long! XD

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    • Brad Benjamins says:

      Thank you so much!! Ha, I am glad you like it, you really should visit North Bay sometime, it is beautiful, especially in the fall! Thanks!
      I love your goals for your life! Yes, I haven’t travelled to a lot of the US states, but have been to a few. Guatemala would be very cool to visit! Exactly, wherever God is calling you. 😃 Ha, great dream jobs as well! I also would love to do something with animals. Yes, window seats are AMAZING. That is definitely another thing I would love to have in my dream home! Ha, np! I loved hearing about your goals! I asked a lot of questions. 😂
      Thanks for your comment, Maggie!

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      • Maggie says:

        You’re welcome! It definitely is beautiful 🙂
        Thank you! There are so many awesome places to visit here, although that’s true about most locations actually, haha!! You’re welcome!

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  6. Gaby says:

    What are some plans for your life? 📋 What is your dream job? 👨‍💻
    Um…I don’t really know but God does. I want to teach Latin, be a mother, homeschool, blogger, and a small business owner

    Where do you want to live? 🏙️
    I love sunny California! But if I ever move, it would have to be near water!

    What is your dream home like? 🏠
    I like modern and minimalist–concrete, wood, metal, and white and gray.

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