My Amazing Florida Vacation! Post #1 – My Experience Flying!


Hey, everyone!! 🙂

Now I know you have a lot of questions and are wondering, ‘Am I actually reading a new post on Total Bradness?’ Has his schedule cleared up? How could he afford to take a vacation to Florida?

Well, YES, this is actually a new post you are reading! I am really happy to be publishing a new post after SO long. My schedule is just as busy, but I can’t stop publishing posts for such a long time or not update you on some exciting new things happening in my life! I really couldn’t afford (timewise) the vacation I took to Florida, but my tickets were booked far in advance.

I had a lot of fun on the trip and accomplished a lot of things I wanted to do on it, so I have decided to make a couple different posts about my trip! My first one is going to be about my first experience… FLYING!! I have to say it was an AMAZING experience, and wanted to share with Y’All what it was like!

My first flight left from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The reason I didn’t fly out of Ontario was because it was far more expensive than flying out of the US.generateImage.jpg

I first flew with the airline… DELTA.med_gallery_76891_1651_47110.jpeg

They had complimentary snacks and drinks, I had a snack mix and soda.snack.png

Here are some pictures from the plane. They aren’t the best, but I thought they were pretty cool. 🙂




We had a stopover at the worlds BIGGEST and worlds BUSIEST airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA.Hartsfield-Jackson.jpg

Our next flight landed at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!7391d8c753cd9a2d59555a162172e3ec.png

On my way home, I flew the airline: JetBlueJetBlue-Plane-e1510351724646.jpg

They also had complimentary snacks and drinks:                                                                          

 compl1.png compl2




Flying is SO much fun! I did stress a bit before I left about whether the flight or not would hurt my ears, or whether it’s hard to breath when you fly, etc. The first flight my ears hurt a little bit, but it was fine. The other two didn’t bother me much. Just swallow when you take off the ground. It can be a little hard to a couple times, but that should keep your ears from hurting the whole time. It is so strange, though. Even yawning can change how your ears feel. Anyway, flying is a breeze!! 😉 😉 And SO much fun!

I really liked flying with Delta Airlines. They are very professional and their service is great. The food was good, and the seats were comfortable. Most planes now have entertainment screens with games, movies, a live map of the flight, etc. My first plane didn’t have one, but my second one after the stopover did! It helps kill time! I watched some of the Minions movie:



JetBlue was also a great airline to fly on. Once again, they had complimentary food and drinks and the seats comfortable. The flight attendants were friendly, and the flight went well. They also had entertainment screens to enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I love this picture from the plane!lo.png


I recommend both airlines if you are looking to fly anytime soon! 🙂


Well, that about wraps things up! It was so good to write another post up. I have really missed Y’All! I’m still really busy, so your prayers are appreciated! Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and sticking around during this busy time in my life. You mean so much to me!







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20 thoughts on “My Amazing Florida Vacation! Post #1 – My Experience Flying!

  1. Jac says:

    Nice to see you back!! I’m so glad you had a good trip. I have flown many times. I very much enjoyed your post today. The only major airline I’ve flown with, is Alaska Airlines. Maybe, we’ll see.😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aqsa 💜 says:

    Loved this post! Your trip sounds so exciting 😀 I’ve flown a couple of times, the longest being around 21 hours when I went to South Africa with Turkish Airlines which was a fantastic experience. Recently drove to Montreal, Quebec, which was fun and a totally new vibe from what Ontario is like.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ann says:

    YAYYYY! I’m super excited to see this wonderful post!!! 😃 I really missed you! The photos from the plane are so cool! I have never flown but I’d love to. Flying seems to be amazing to me 😎 Anyways, I’m happy your flight was good 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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