Q & A Collab with Gracie!

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Hey, everyone! 😃

I am really excited to present my second Q & A Collab! This time I did it with the amazing blogger, Gracie! She has an awesome blog called, ‘Through The Eyes of Gracie.’ Her blog is fun, exciting and very interesting! If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to view her blog, I highly recommend that you check it out and give her a follow!!

Here is a little bit about Gracie! ~

Howdy! I am Gracie and no, I am not from Texas, I just like saying “Howdy” and “Y’all” 😛 I live in Colorado, and I am a Christian teenage girl, who loves to blog and do photography and violin. I am also an Adventures in Odyssey fan, I have a collab blog called Welcome to Odyssey, as well as my personal blog called, Through the Eyes of Gracie. I would love for you to check them both out! I hope you enjoy this Q&A I did with Brad, have a wonderful Monday! 

Here are the questions that I asked Gracie! You can check out her answers to my questions on her blog, here!


Brad: What made you think of starting a blog?

Gracie: I found my friend Sophie’s blog! And thought it would be a fun idea to blog!

Brad: Oh, cool! 🙂


Brad: Where do you get the ideas for your posts?

Gracie: Other blogs, Pinterest, or just brainstorming! 🙂 

Brad: Ok, nice!


Brad: Where in the world do you most want to travel?

Gracie: Europe! And the Eastern states. 

Brad: Fun! Yeah, those are great places!


Brad: What is your favourite sport?

Gracie: I like to watch Basketball.

Brad: Cool! My brothers are into basketball, but not me. 😉🏀


Brad: What is your favourite restaurant?

Gracie: I love Chick-Fil-A! 

Brad: Awesome! I have wanted to go there for so long!


Brad: What is your dream job?

Gracie: To work at Chick-Fil-A, be a mom, photographer, and maybe a professional blogger

Brad: Those are all awesome jobs! You will totally be a professional blogger!


Brad: What is your favourite game?

Gracie: I like good ol’ Apples to Apples and Outburst! 

Brad: I love Apples to Apples too! I have never tried Outburst, though.


Brad: What do you like best about living in Colorado?

Gracie: The mountains, big sky; I just love everything about Colorado’s beauty!

Brad: Yes, Colorado is very beautiful! 


Brad: What is your favourite song?

Gracie: One of my favourite songs right now is 

Hannah Kerr – I Stand Here 

Brad: I just heard it, great song!


Brad: Who do you look up to in your life?

Gracie: Anyone older than me, who is a Christian. 

Brad: Gotcha, same. 😃


Brad: What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Gracie: Hopefully getting a job, and hanging out with friends and family! 

Brad: Nice, those are awesome!


Brad: What is the longest time you have known a blogger?

Gracie: Well, my friend Sophie, I knew her before I knew she had a blog. Does that count?

Brad: Wow, cool! Yep! 😃


Brad: What is your favourite holiday? Why?

Gracie: I like Easter and Christmas. They are both times with family, and we get to celebrate Jesus! 

Brad: Same, I enjoy both! For sure!


Brad: What do you like to do the most in your spare time?

Gracie: Chat with friends, blog, photography, and sometimes reading. 

Brad: Fun! Those are all great things to do when having spare time.


Brad: How many States have you been to?

Gracie: I think around 3, I want to visit other states soon! 

Brad: Nice, same! I have been to Florida, Vermont, Indiana, Michigan, and South Carolina!


Brad: Who is a blogger that has really inspired you?

Gracie: A lot of them do, but one blogger whose posts I’ve loved lately is, Melani @Reflections of the Heart. I recommend her blog, it is amazing!! 

Brad: That’s great!


Brad: Who is your favourite singer?

Gracie: That is a hard question, but one I am enjoying right now is, Hollyn!

Brad: Ha, yeah. 😉 Cool!


Brad: Where was your last vacation?

Gracie: Just in Colorado, a few hours away! It was a really fun and pretty trip! 

Brad: Oh, nice! Yeah, vacations are a blast! 😃


Brad: Have you been on a plane?

Gracie: When I was around 2 years old! But never again since then. 

Brad: Ok. I have never been on a plane, but will be on one for the first time in July! 😊 *screams in excitement*


Brad: Which famous person do you want to meet the most?

Gracie: That is also hard! 😛 Probably either Tim Tebow or a Christian singer! 

Brad: Ha, sorry. 😉 Ok, awesome! 🙂


I hope that you enjoyed this Collab I did with Gracie! I had a ton of fun, and highly recommend doing one with a fellow blogging friend! Thank you, Gracie, for doing this Collab with me, I really enjoyed it!

You can view Gracie’s answers to my questions here.





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