I Wonder Wednesday… How Well Do You Know Me? Part 2

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😃

I am very excited for this week’s ‘I Wonder Wednesday!’ Last week we had a lot of fun doing a quiz online featuring 10 random questions about me! If you missed last week’s post, you can view it HERE!

Before I move on to the second quiz, I would like to thank everyone for taking the quiz! I was really happy to see so many people take it, and Y’all seemed to have a lot of fun! Here are the people that made First and Second place on last week’s quiz! Congratulations to Lizzy, Anon, Isabel, and Gracie!

award1.jpg award2.jpg









          70%                                                          60%


lizzy2.gif                                                 isabel.gif

anon.gif                                           gracie2.gif


Thank you, everyone, for taking the quiz, I hope you all enjoyed it!


Well, now for the second quiz! Here are 10 more random questions about me! Like the last one, just type your name and click ‘take quiz.’ You can view the results of others who took the quiz when you are done taking it. Click on the button below to take the quiz!



Have fun, everyone! 😃 


Did you take the quiz?

Did you enjoy it?

Do you want a third round?


Until Next Time,



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