3 Inspiring and Uplifting Quotes


Hello all!

Today I thought I would share with you some of the quotes that I have found to be both uplifting and inspiring! I love quotes and they are great to set as your desktop or mobile wallpaper, post in your bedroom, or share with others!

Here are 3 quotes that I really enjoy and that I hope will inspire you as well!


quoter1.pngI have found this to be true in my life! I have always dreamed of living on the lake and being a successful Real Estate agent! But I can’t sit around all day, I have to work for my dreams! I am reading a lot of books on Real Estate and exploring the career whenever I get a chance! If I am successful as a Real Estate Agent, I think I can afford to live in my dream log home on the lake!! But it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


quoter2.jpg  This is so true. Everywhere around you, there are miracles. You yourself are a miracle! Count your blessings! Food, clothing, shelter, a home to live in, friends, a family, etc. We are so blessed! The greatest miracle, though, is Christ’s coming to earth and taking our sins upon Himself on the cross so that we can have eternal life!


quoter3.jpgI love this quote! It is so important to live out. I really think that when in a conversation with someone, it is important to take an interest in their lives and try not to talk a lot about yourself. Also, when someone is explaining something, making sure that you pay attention and take an interest in what they are telling you is really important.


Well, there are today’s 3 Quotes!! I really hope that you enjoyed them and found them uplifting, inspiring, and relatable and helpful in your life!


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27 thoughts on “3 Inspiring and Uplifting Quotes

  1. Veronica M. says:

    These are such beautiful quotes!! There really are so many miracles around us, in the smallest as well as most tremendously largest of ways, and both speaking & listening to others impactfully is sooo important. Really enjoyed reading! : )

    Liked by 1 person

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